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Valle d’Oro, an ancient terroir

monte nebbiello

The Valle d’Oro is a strip of land of just 5 sq/km, located in the tuscan Maremma’s hinterland, between Capalbio and Ansedonia. Here, in roman times, wine was produced in industrial quantities to be exported to all locations within the Mediterranean Sea.

Through the large amount of archeological findings, discovered in the area, going back to 241 B.C., we are in a position to reconstruct the ancient wine-producing process. After being picked, grapes were pressed and the obtained must, separated from the marc, started the turbulent fermentation. Once done, the obtained liquid was transferred to amphoras manufactured and baked in the furnaces located in the territory all the way to the seaside. Subsequently the vessels were stored in special rooms, exposed to the aromatic fumes of roses, violets, cedar, cinnamon and saffron. This treatment allowed a mellowing of the nectar through the addition of the various aromas, before being stowed in the boats to follow the sea lanes to the markets throughout the Mediterranean Sea.

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The archeological findings in this area testify that Romans, for the production of their best wines, beside choosing this triangle of land among all the terrains in the Maremma, were also ahead of time in the modern terroir concept.

In other words, whenever , in a well delimited geographical area, it is possible to establish a relationship between climate and natural, physical and chemical conditions of the soil, then we are in a position to create a specific product which can be identified by the unique characteristics of its original territory.

Within the Valle d’Oro, the soil stood up as being both clayish and sandy with a reddish hue. The vineyards were fondled by sunrays and warm sea breezes. The temperature, mild and constant, supported the cultivation of the best grapes. All these elements, considered in their relationship, gave birth to a favorable and unparalleled microclimate, the terroir of the Valle d’Oro.

villa settefinestreThe Villa delle Colonne, the Fattoria di Giardino, the Villa di Settefinestre, the finds discovered in the roman agrarian settlements and the Acquedotto delle Forane Monte Nebbiello, are further examples to help understand how valuable this strip of land must have been in the ancient times. This territory survived through the centuries practically pristine, and is presently rare and precious like “Oro” , gold, owing to its historical and wine relevance which renders it unique.

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