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La Corsa Società Agricola S.r.l.
Strada Provinciale del Prataccione, 19
58015 Orbetello Scalo (GR)
Tel 0564/880007
Fax 0564/880025

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Keeping whole the gift of time

valle d'oro

The Winery “La Corsa” started production in 2005 choosing this territory of the Valle d’Oro, witness of remembrance and knowledge. Through the most modern winery technologies, it enhances the value of timeless grape juices that bare hands and initiative have always labored with patience and attachment.

As they did in the ancient times, we pick grapes by hand and in the same way we perform the selection of the best clusters.

We give great attention to the pruning activity, that is performed always by hand, to obtain a higher grade of the grapes. The wines age in barrique of French durmast, at a steadily controlled temperature, and in the same manner we perform all facets of the process in the tanks.

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