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La Corsa Società Agricola S.r.l.
Strada Provinciale del Prataccione, 19
58015 Orbetello Scalo (GR)
Tel 0564/880007
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The Birth of La Corsa

vigna La Corsa

Everything started when, a few years back, Marco Bassetti, television entrepreneur and a great fan of wine and food, discovered archeological remains for wine production within the property of La Corsa.

At this point began the thorough analysis of the physical and chemical characteristics of the soil, of the climatic and microclimate conditions, thereby guessing that this particular terrain had to have possessed some peculiarities for having being selected already 2,300 years ago, among all the ones in the area, for the purpose of wine production. The results proved him right and the La Corsa project started to unfold.

Even today, the earth analysis is an important phase to which we periodically dedicate our utmost attention and the necessary time to ensure that the soil is kept in the optimal condition for producing the best results.

mappa valle d'oroInvestigating the territory morphology, we have located the most proficient site to settle our vines: an easy downhill of around 18 acres, exposed to the southwest, 50 meters above sea level and barely 2 km from the coast. The first 12 acres of medium to high density (6.000 vines/ha), have been partially spurred cordon and partially Guyot cultivated.

The managing of the vines is carried out with the maximum respect for environment and old traditions beside a calculated approach to obtain very low yield of grapes per plant. The positive influence of the Tyrrhenian Sea upon the climate, protects the cultivations from harsh weather variations. In such a way the vines bloom and ripen early, owing to the stable and mild microclimate which enables an extraordinary brightness during the final grapes’ ripening stage.

The Sangiovese turns more mellow, with smooth tannins which render the wine very fine, elegant and pleasant, bestowing great structure and ease of aging. The coming together of passion and high-level competence, as found in the contribution of the two oenologists Vittorio Fiore and Barbara Tamburini, ensure structure and elegance to the La Corsa wines.

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