The roots of the vines

The vines of La Corsa are planted in a very specific spot of the Valle d’Oro land, chosen after many surveys and careful research: 18 acres sloping South-West, 150 feet above sea level, just over a mile from the coast.

The chemical-physical characteristics of the earth and the microclimate of the Valle d’Oro are ideal for the production of La Corsa wine. After a thoughtful analysis, we decided to cultivate with a medium-high density (6000 plants per acre). Our vine training methods include both spur pruning (cordon) and cane pruning (Guyot).

From the vine to the bottle

The composition of the land, clayey and sandy, lends beautifully to the production of elegant, full body, red wines. Thanks in part to the vicinity of the sea, the vines flower and mature early, facilitated also by exceptional luminosity during the final stages of the grape ripening.

The Sangiovese, for example, becomes somewhat softer, with smooth tannin levels that render the wine refined, elegant and enjoyable. This full body wine is also perfect for aging.

How we work

The landscape and experience are second only to our passion, dedication, and devotion.

Our philosophy

The excellent results we achieve year after year in terms of production are led by specific choices we made together with two of the most important wine experts in Italy, Vittorio Fiore and Barbara Tamburini.

Unlike the other wine makers of the area, we don’t use any assembled grape, but pure ones only, so we can easily isolate every specific identity.

Also, we work the vineyards with green pruning, low yields and hand harvest, so the grapes coming into the winery are almost perfect and ready for the inox vinification, without any other needs.

Finally, even if the area is full of international vineyards, we decided to give value to the Sangiovese and created the Mandrione, a 100% Sangiovese wine, winner of many prizes in many different years, proving the great and constant quality of production.